Our Story.


Born just 70 miles from Rome on a small farm, Marinelli Lungo (Marty) has lived his craft. He immigrated to the United States during the Kennedy administration. In 1975 he moved out on his own and began working as a diamond setter in Los Angeles with a goal that one day he would own his own Fine Jewelry Business.

Marty took a chance and sold his motorcycle for $3,000 and started Marinelli Fine Jewelry with a close friend in the late '70s. Years later, he moved Marinelli Fine Jewelry to Dana Point in Orange County California where he operates today.

At Marinelli Fine Jewelry, we specialize in custom jewelry insisting that every piece has an element of human touch. Just as Marty began his journey as a world class jeweler with only a vision, our passion is to work with customers to make something unique that starts from the heart and is fashioned into something  beautiful by hand. Our work is our story.  


Our Customers.


Marty has set an estimated one million stones over the course of his career. His work brings joy to customers all over the world including right here in Orange County, California.

Often, our most prized, sentimental, and cherished possessions are our jewelry pieces. That's why customers choose to work with Marinelli Fine Jewelry to make something timeless and unique citing, "He's like family", "A true artist", and "Simply the best."

Watch our testimonial video and hear how Marinelli Fine Jewelry has been a part of our customers' stories.