Our Services.

Custom Jewelry

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We specialize in all forms of custom jewelry including engagement rings. Whether you are seeking the perfect ring or the perfect gift for any occasion we would love to work with you to make something unique that sets any occasion apart.

Our Process


The first step is to have a conversation. We would like to know more about you, your needs, the occasion, your budget, and your timeline. You can give us a call or come and speak with us in person. Once we have established what you have imagined we will present you with several stones to choose from. Once we have the stones and details of your project defined we will begin with the custom design and present them to you for your approval. Once approved, we begin work and follow up with you when your piece is hand crafted, polished, and ready.


We know that jewelry is a very special part of our lives and our stories. Often, our pieces carry with them tremendous sentimental value and when a repair needs to be made it can be stressful determining who to trust with your cherished belongings. At Marinelli Fine Jewelry, we are happy to be a part of making your piece whole. Nothing can take away the meaning and sentiment behind a piece; we strive to return the luster and functionality to reflect how much your jewelry means to you.

For Jewelers

Marinelli Fine Jewelry is proud to be "The Jeweler's Jeweler". We work with jewelers all over the United States to design, refine, repair, and fashion their work. Our cutting edge technology and hand touch set us apart from other partners. For us, it's about doing great work and building lasting relationships with individual customers and other Jewelers alike.